Services for Authors

1/3/5 day Book Blitz

  • As many bloggers who show interest and author’s budget
  • It will be a simple promo post with book cover, blurb, and extract 

3/5 day Blog Tour 

  • The number of bloggers would depend on the authors’ budget and the interest shown by the bloggers
  • Bloggers are given a choice of posts according to their preference either review/ promo/ author interview/ guest post 

Cover Reveals

  • As many bloggers who show interest and depends on the budget of the author

Terms and Conditions

  • Services are to be booked 2 months in advance
  • Review copies should be made available to all bloggers 6 weeks in advance in all formats epub, mobi, and pdf
  • Media kits to be provided by the author. Bloggers do not like repeated mails, kindly send everything in the media kit
  • No refund in case you decide to cancel the blog tour. 
  • If the book has any erotica or abuse content or a trigger warning, kindly inform me prior to booking the blog tour
  • Blog Posts would be promoted daily on Twitter
  • Kindly visit the various blogs everyday to thank the bloggers. Do comment on their blog posts and on Twitter. They have given their precious time and energy to publicize your books
  • I will not influence the bloggers’ posts in any way neither will I challenge their rating
  • Giveaways have to be international. All bloggers deserve equal chance to win them. Borders should not discriminate against them 


  • Charges for the blog Tour are US$5 per blogger
  • Charges for Cover Reveal and Book Blitz are US$3 per blogger
  • Charges for both cover reveal and blog tour would be US$8 if there are equal number of bloggers
  • Payment is via PayPal through my page directly
  • Due to a misdemeanor by an author, a non-refundable deposit of US$20 has to be paid at the time of booking the blog tour
  • The rest of the payment has to be done immediately after the confirmation of the number of bloggers interested in the blog tour/ cover reveal 

Contact Details 


  • I organize blog tours due to my love for books. My blog tours are very simple but effective. I have been told by my authors that my tours have helped their books.
  • This is just for the publicity of your book, it does not guarantee sales
  • I will not force any blogger for the choice of their posts, as they are giving me their valuable time and trust.
  • Please don’t make me to ask repeatedly for my payment. I would like to be paid as soon as I mail you the confirmed number of bloggers. 
  • Please do thank me for my hard work and do write a testimonial for the blog tour organized
  • Sometimes bloggers do not post due to unforeseen circumstances. If known in advance, I would try to arrange for alternative bloggers, but no refund
  • At the moment due to world crisis, getting reviews from bloggers for Blog Tours is difficult, kindly opt for Book Blitz.